MeLCat A/V Policy

This year has gone amazingly well for MeLCat and ILLiad joining circulation! Thank you all so much for your excellent work!!!

After 9 years of doing MeLCat, we learned something new this week! As you know (hopefully), we don’t participate in lending or borrowing A/V materials. However, this month we received a Chinese language set that had a few books and 9 CD’s. This item was coded wrong in the MeLCat system so our patron was able to request it from Milan Public Library – a No Pack library. Apparently, the policy is that A/V should be packaged no matter what status the library has – no pack or pack. This item was returned through RIDES unpacked and was damaged beyond repair. We are responsible for it apparently even though we should not have even been able to borrow it. :o(

Our takeaway concept from this situation is that we should ALWAYS package A/V materials even if the RIDES label says no pack. Also, if you are opening incoming MeL packages and notice that an A/V item has arrived, please give it to Jessica or Gina before processing.

Thank you!!

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