New Titles for the Week of April 15, 2013

SustainabilitySustainability: Essentials for Business by K. Kathy Dhanda & Scott T.Young (Sage, c2013).

Gives students a thorough understanding of the complex interaction between the needs of society versus the ecological limits on natural resources. The first survey text of its kind to provide a comprehensive treatment of the relationship between business and sustainability, this book is a must-read focusing on the three Ps: planet, people, and profit.

Not in my townNot in My Town: Exposing and Ending Human Trafficking and ModernDay Slavery by Dillon Burroughs & Charles Powell (New Hope, c2011).

Slavery still exists–here. Tens of millions of humans live in bondage worldwide, tens of thousands in the US. As seen recently on Fox News, Dillon Burroughs and Charles Powell bring awareness about what ’s happening in our nation and world.

Organic ChemistsOrganic Chemist’s Desk Reference by Caroline Cooper (Taylor & Francis, c2011).

The Organic Chemist’s Desk Reference has been essential reading for laboratory chemists who need a concise guide to the essentials of organic chemistry — the literature, nomenclature, stereochemistry, spectroscopy, hazard information, and laboratory data.

AddictionAddiction As an Attachment Disorder by Philip J. Flores  (Jason Aronson, c2004).

Addiction is a disorder in self-regulation. Individuals who become dependent on addictive substances cannot regulate their emotions, self-care, self-esteem, and relationships.

GalationsGalatians: A Commentary by Martinus C. de Boer (Westminster John Knox Press, c2011).

This new commentary in the New Testament Library series is not a systematic study of Pauline theology; rather, the aim of this study is to trace Paul’s theology as it unfolds in his letter to the church at Galatia, and to attempt to illuminate, as far as possible, how the Galatians likely comprehended it, at the time they received it.

Nurturing CreativityNurturing Creativity in the Classroom by Ronald A. Beghetto (Editor) & James C. Kaufman,(Editor) (Cambridge University Press, c2010).

Examines and responds to the tension educators face while trying to nurture creativity within the curricular constraints of the classroom.

entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship: An Evidence-Based Guide by Robert A.Baron  (Edward Elgar, c2012).

This outstanding, clearly written, psychology-oriented book is based on careful, extensive, evidence-based research rather than on the personal views of entrepreneurs and includes many excellent examples, tables, and figures to explain the ideas presented.

Kirtland's WarblerThe Kirtland’s Warbler: The Story of a Bird’s Fight Against Extinction and the People Who Saved It by William Rapai (University of Michigan Press, c2012).

At a time when the world is seeing its species rapidly go extinct, the Kirtland’s warbler is not just a survivor, it’s a rock star. The Kirtland’s warbler is the rarest warbler species in North America and will always be rare because of its persnickety nesting preferences. But when the total population fell below 400 birds in the 1970s and 1980s—driven largely by a loss of habitat and the introduction of a parasite—a small group of dedicated biologists, researchers, and volunteers vowed to save the Kirtland’s warbler despite long odds. This is the story of the warbler’s survival and gradual recovery, the people and policies that kept it from extinction, and the ongoing challenges that may again jeopardize the bird’s future.

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