New eBooks at Miller Library

Historical dictionary of contemporary American theater, 1930-2010 by James Fisher (Lanham: Scarecrow Press, 2011)

This two-volume set highlights the prominent people, movements, events, and organizations that shaped American theater from 1930 to 2010. Fisher (UNC at Greensboro) offers a welt-executed introductory essay that references the cultural changes that influenced the theatrical experiences of the period. Supplementing the essay is a chronology featuring detailed impacts of events on theater year by year. The 1,500-plus entries are well chosen and informative, though infused with a sometimes rather complicated cross-referencing convention. –Choice

The new leader’s 100-day action plan: How to take charge, build your team, and get immediate results by George B. Bradt, Jayme A. Check, and Jorge E. Pedraza. (Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2011)

After reviewing actions to take before accepting a new position, this handbook recommends five building blocks for instilling tactical capacity into a new work team. Worksheets help new managers and CEOs define a burning imperative, track milestones, invest in early success to build team confidence, assign employees to the right role, and shape team culture through communication. –Reference and Research Book News

Marriages and families in the 21st century: A bioecological approach by Tasha R. Howe. (Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012)

Marriages and Families in the 21st Century provides an in-depth exploration of a traditional field of study using a new and engaging approach. The text covers all the important issuesincluding parenting, divorce, aging families, balancing work and family, family violence, and gender issuesusing a bioecological framework that takes into account our status as both biological and social beings. –M2 Presswire

MacBook Air: portable genius by Paul McFedries. (Indianapolis: Wiley Pub., 2012)

Apple’s newest MacBook Air is smaller, lighter, and more powerful than ever. And this convenient little book is loaded with tips and techniques for everything from getting started with your MacBook Air to maximizing power and battery life. Learn innovative ways to accomplish a task more efficiently, master the new features of the MacBook Air, and take advantage of all the remote features and accessories. Fun, hip, and portable, this guide has what every Mac fan needs to know about the MacBook Air. –Business Wire

Human trafficking by Kathryn Cullen-DuPont. (New York: Facts On File, 2009)

In a work replete with chronology, glossary, maps, charts, pithy biographies, extensive footnotes for each chapter, and a twenty-page index, Kathryn Cullen-DuPont has created a remarkable–if terrifying–reference book documenting one of the most heinous crimes of the modern age. Yet this crime is also one of the most widespread, with girls and women its most frequent victims. Human trafficking, defined as the “selling and buying of people for profit” (p. ix), has recently been documented in a plethora of solid works–some fifteen in the last two years alone. Even within that context, this title stands out for the wealth of evidence and resources it provides. –Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women’s Studies Resources


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