New Items Added for the Week of April 4, 2011

Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor by Ben Witherington III (Eerdmans, 2010).

In Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor, [Witherington] considers work as neither the curse nor the cure of human life but, rather, as something good that God has given us to do. In this brief primer on the biblical theology and ethics of work, Witherington carefully unpacks the concept of work, considering its relationship to rest, play, worship, the normal cycle of human life, and the coming Kingdom of God. -From Description

Making the Scene: A History of Stage Design and Technology in Europe and the United States by Oscar G. Brockett, Margaret Mitchell, and Linda Hardberger (Tobin Theatre Arts Fund, 2010).

Making the Scene offers an unprecedented survey of the evolving context, theory, and practice of scene design from ancient Greek times to the present, coauthored by the world’s best-known authority on the subject and enhanced by three hundred full-color illustrations. -From Description

American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us by Robert D. Putnam, David E. Campbell (Simon & Schuster, 2010).

Using data drawn from two large surveys, the authors plumb these changes. The data show that the tempestuous sixties shook faith in religion and that the seventies and eighties incubated a strong resurgence of devotion. But the two most recent decades add another twist, as young Americans have abandoned the pews in record numbers. Still, despite recent erosion of religious commitment, Americans remain a distinctively devout people. -Booklist

Things I Wish I’d Known before we got Married by Gary D. Chapman (Northfield Pub., 2010).

This book gave wonderful topics that should be discussed before marriage from who will do daily house chores to how to show and receive love from your spouse. These are things he mentions that should be discussed before saying I do so that you have your eyes wide open when you enter into marriage. It creates open communication with your spouse which is a very important part of the relationship (assuming is not good enough, questions need to asked for clarification). -M. Mills

Firestorm: American Film in the Age of Terrorism by Stephen Prince (Columbia University Press, 2009).

“Prince’s impressively thorough and intelligently written book will serve as a guide for some years to this visually indelible episode in American history.” – Choice

Tales from a Traveling Couch: A Psychotherapist Revisits his Most Memorable Patients by Robert U. Akeret (W.W. Norton, 1996).

Uncertain whether psychotherapy brings fundamental, long-lasting change, New York City psychoanalyst Akeret recently tracked down five patients whom he had treated 20-35 years earlier. -Publishers Weekly

Million Dollar Website: Simple Steps to Help You Compete with the Big Boys by Lori Culwell (Prentice Hall Press, 2009).

Million Dollar Website starts with looking at the “Big Picture” or what you want your website to do and ends with an explanation of how to let search engines know about your site. Early on, she strongly suggests creating a lengthy list of keywords, and then explains how using them will help potential customers find your site. Essential “do’s and don’ts” like “do make your site easy to navigate” and “don’t use a lot of white text on a black background,” and the reasons for using or avoiding them, are explained in detail. -Sacramento Book Review


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