LibraryPrize — Winners

We had a great LibraryPrize 2010! Thank you for everyone who participated with their creative art pieces, and to everyone of the CU campus who came through to browse the displays and vote for their favorite work.

Voting ended at 5 PM on Friday, and we have our winners. Here they are…

First Place
Girl in the Mirror by Tessa Wallace
LibraryPrize: Girl in the Mirror

Second through Fourth (in Alphabetical Order)
Enter Exit Enter by Zach Clementz
LibraryPrize: Enter Exit Enter

My Eyes are Filled with Wonder by Shana McGovern

LibraryPrize: My Eyes are Filled with Wonder

My Name is Beauty by Katelynn Zuiderveen
LibraryPrize: My Name is Beauty

Vietnam Memorial & Profile by Melanie Bauer
LibraryPrize: Vietnam Memorial & Profile

Also, check out all the photographs of the event at Facebook and Flickr at the LibraryPrize website


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Eric Bradley is a academic librarian. He does not moonlight as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter or Los Angeles studio singer, although may be seen playing French Horn in a community band or adding another tune book to his hymnal collection.
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